Introducing the panel “Digital Health for the Developing World”

Unlocking the power of digital health in developing countries

New technologies and digital innovation are radically changing the health industry. One of the challenges is to ensure these benefits are available to everybody, regardless of where they live.

Developing countries need quality health care at lower costs. There are extraordinary opportunities for large parts of the world to benefit from better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Thanks to the work of startups, NGOs, and other international organizations, real time data is being used to fight epidemics before they reach crisis level. Those living in remote areas are receiving health care, including vaccinations and vital information about disease prevention. But the potential to save lives and improve health is still largely untapped.

The panel discussion “Digital Health for the Developing World” moderated by Unity Stoakes – President & Co-Founder of StartUp Health – will take a closer look at the opportunities.

Monique Dolfing-Vogelenzang – CEO of Pharma Access Foundation will explore the potential of mobile technology to make health more inclusive in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sameer Punjari – Manager and Co-Founder of the World Health Organization’s initiative “ Be He@lthy, Be Mobile” will look at how mHealth can be used for governments wanting to create sustainable health programmes.

Skye Gilbert – Deputy Director, Digital Health Solutions at Path will explain the importance of developing user-centred solutions in communities with limited resources, particularly in Africa and Asia.

Zachary Katz – CEO of FIND will talk about how it’s possible to turn complex diagnoses into simple solutions for poverty-related diseases.

Xiaomin Mou – China Head of IFC Venture Capital, will show why investments in early-growth companies in emerging countries such as China must be accompanied by a thorough knowledge of local communities. She’ll also discuss the importance of international technology transfer.

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