Hear from our past delegates

Leaders from the life sciences and insurance industries, startups, innovation ecosystem players and investors gather at Frontiers Health from 30+ Countries to connect, learn, form new partnerships and get inspired while collectively shaping the future of health.

I’m just amazed by the level of startups, I find it inspiring and digital technologies that are transforming healthcare, so it’s really encouraging and so wonderful.

Lea Dias – Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

I would really recommend to anyone interested in the digital healthcare world to come to this event becaus this is really a great event, captures all the frontiers news in the area.

Jing Shao – Global Portfolio Manager Value Added Medicines, Sandoz

I think is a fantastic event, putting together different points of views from different industries, different stakeholders, all of them relevant and looking for ways to collaborate.
I would certainly recommend anyone to join becaus it’s a great event. I will strongly encourage payer to join the event as well, because part of the solution will have to come from the reinvestmnet side of things as well.

BegoƱa San Jose – CSO hi.health

In events like these there are always really good opportunities to meet new people, find potentially new partners if you’re a startup, investor… new perspectives, different toughts that can help you with your creative process if you’re trying to create a better solution for the healthcare system… if you want to go a little bit out of the focus of only investments and numbers, it can help you think differently
Frontiers Health is definitely the place you could go to if you’re coming hardly in the space and if you want to expand your network, but the crucial thing is to prepare in advance on what is the community before you come here.

Tjasa Zajc – Faces of Digital Health

Very interesting crowd, specially looking at the ecosystem. We have startups, investors, different kind of services and pharma companies. The beauty of Frontiers Health especially is there was a kind of proper issue, not more startup, not more investors, I think it’s perfect and all range of soultiuon for differente kind of indication health solutions.

Prateek Mahalwar – Ernst & Young GmbH

It’s a remarkable conference, this facility – I can tell you as I’m a film-maker – is blowing me away, I want to shoot a movie here and I suppose to come back for another conference…
I will definitely be here next year, I encourage anybody with an interest in health tecnology… it’s all happening here, do get yourself here next here and I’ll see you there!

Donal O’Neill – The Pioppi Protocol

I heard about all the innovation going on in the health tecnology space, digital health and it was amazing to see how many entrepreneurs are doing great things, how many other stakeholders in healthcare here. I would reccomend Frontiers Health 2019 and I will be here.

Mark Liber – StartUp Health