Frontiers Health 2020: what to expect from the leading global digital health conference?

Our guide on how to navigate through the rich agenda of Frontiers Health happening on November 12-13th and make the most out of the exclusive content and networking opportunities.

We are just few days away from Frontiers Health 2020  the global hybrid digital health conference bringing together the best expertise in digital health and gathering the brightest healthcare innovators from all over the world.

The hybrid format of this year’s event is unique for all of us: it combines virtual and physical, it unites global and local and accommodates a comprehensive agenda with 60+ sessions by almost 200 speakers. That is why we invite you to discover it together.

Format and Local Hubs

Plenary Sessions (from 2pm to 5 pm CET on both days) are streamed in a fully virtual format and consist of keynote speeches and panel discussions. Breakout sessions (from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm CET on both days) are both virtual and physical and are streamed from different locations at the same time – meaning the attendees can choose which session to attend.

Breakout sessions from the Local Hubs of Frontiers Health are held physically in compliance with all sanitary regulations in each country. Due to the vast network of trusted partners, Frontiers managed to bring together several local digital health communities represented by the hubs in Lausanne (Switzerland) hosted by the main partner Debiopharm, Berlin (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), Barcelona (Spain) and Valletta (Malta).

As last May in occasion of the “Fight the pandemic” edition of the conference, our Chairman Roberto Ascione will be leading the conference program from the Healthware Life Hub in Salerno, Italy and will hold his traditional inspiring keynote on the opening of the second day.

Each hub has its own thematic focus and puts vertical best practices on the global digital health map. Berlin reflects German progress in the light of the Digital Healthcare Act, Lausanne dives deep into the virtual clinical trials topic. Helsinki is focused on the latest Finnish achievements in Covid-19 vaccines development and other innovative solutions. Barcelona reasons about the interaction of insurtech and digital health and Malta presents the success of public and private cooperation in the health ecosystem of the island. Where possible, local hubs will organize dedicated rooms where attendees will be able to watch other breakouts in small groups.

In addition, more virtual breakouts are streamed from the USA and Asia, providing a truly global overview of the world’s healthcare innovation ecosystem.

Agenda: Keynotes and Sessions by topic

The conference’s agenda provides an exhaustive outline of digital health innovations from healthcare transformation and breakthrough technologies to digital clinical trials. The sessions take forms of keynote speeches, master classes, fireside chats, panel discussions…and artistic performances!

Keynote speakers’ line-up is also impressive and not to be missed, featuring:

  • • Roberto Ascione, CEO at Healthware Group
  • • David Benshoof Klein, CEO at Click Therapeutics
  • • Jeff Dachis, CEO and Founder at OneDrop
  • • Gottfried Ludewig, Director General Digitalisation and Innovation of the Federal Ministry of Health, Germany
  • • Carlos Nueno, President at Teladoc Health
  • • Grace Park, Co-Founder and President at DocDoc
  • • Kuldeep Singh Rajput, CEO and Founder at Biofourmis
  • • Andrew Thompson, Managing Director at Spring Ridge Ventures
  • • David Van Sickle, CEO at Propeller Health

60+ outstanding breakout sessions will cover and boost dialog on various topics.


AI and Data Science

Keynote speech by Grace Park from DocDoc, a masterclass on AI in healthcare in partnership with Intouch Group and a session on ‘AI Maturity’ in partnership with Novartis Foundation.

A session, hosted by AHIMA International in collaboration with Healthware Group, focused on the urgency for quality, accessible health data to support the accelerated responsee to crises as well as reliable long-term innovation.


Funding, M&A and Go to Market

Propeller Health’s journey from startup to acquisition at a global scale by its CEO, David Van Sickle. A fireside chat on M&A’s in digital health with Marc Sluijs and Ranjan Singh. A panel on Bringing Musculoskeletal Innovation to Market by the Digital Orthopedics Conference San Francisco (DOCSF). A masterclass on market access for digital health solutions with Francesca Mesnil Boggio.


Health Insurance

A masterclass on the ‘value for payors’ by Ali Hasan from Vitality, Telehealth and insurtech in partnership with Abi Global Health from the Barcelona Local Hub, and a special (limited attendance) masterclass in partnership with Virgin Pulse.


New Normal strategies and solutions

A high profile panel exploring how leaders from the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries see their transformation in light of the new needs of healthcare professionals and patients, moderated by Paul Tunnah, CCO of Healthware Group with the participation of Florent Edouard from Grunenthal, Francesca Filippucci from Biogen, Shwen Gwee from Bristol Myers Squibb, Rodamni Peppa from Boston Scientific.

COVID vaccines & related solutions sessions from the Helsinki Local Hub in partnership with Make Helsinki, Orion Corporation and Healthware Group. Telehealth market changes session from the Berlin Local Hub in partnership with Research2Guidance.

A masterclass in partnership with Healthware International to reflect on ‘brand’s health’ in the New Normal world.

A session facilitated by Ariel Salmang, Managing Director Intouch International, exploring successful case studies in HCPs Engagement.

A keynote speech by Carlos Nueno from Teladoc reflecting on the global emergence of new virtual care models.


Virtual Clinical Trials, Patient Centricity

A full session focused on AI and Virtual Clinical Trials hosted by the Lausanne Local Hub Partner, Debiopharm and lead by Tanja Dowe, CEO of the Debiopharm Innovation Fund.

Patient centricity will be at the core of the program again: a panel discussion about the greater importance of a true patient centric approach in the New Normal reality curated by Luigi Capani and another panel discussion adding VR to the topic, curated by Denise Silber.


Digital Therapeutics & Digital Biomarkers

Strategies, Policies and Access to Digital Health and Digital Therapeutics, a panel discussion with the representatives from Dierks+Company, EIT Health Germany, the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, MedCity and FADOI, a masterclass on the DiGA Fast Track in Germany and a session from Malta Local Hub.

A keynote speech by Kuldeep Singh Rajput CEO of Biofourmis and a deep-dive in partnership with Wellthy Therapeutics.


Mental Health & Wellness

A masterclass on mental health solutions during the pandemic moderated by Gerry Chillè, Partner at Healthware Labs. A deep-dive into health and wellness coaching in partnership with YourCoach Health. A focusing session powered by HealthTunes and an energizing session in collaboration with PrimeMovement and Pioppi Protocol.


Industry Partnerships & Transformation in Digital Health

A key panel moderated by Kristin Milburn, Global Head of Digital Health Partnerships at Healthware Group, exploring what works in terms of partnerships in digital health industry with the participation of such leaders as David Klein (Click Therapeutics), Jeff Dachis (OneDrop), Bozidar Jovicevic (Sanofi) and Jeremy Sohn (Novartis).

A session from the Helsinki Local Hub uniting different ecosystem stakeholders to discuss how different parties can collaborate together for better results.

Sessions from the regions outside Europe: from the USA, a panel discussion in collaboration with StartUp Health focusing on achieving their Health Moonshot: access to care. A session from Asia curated by Tony Estrella on maturity of digital health in APAC.

Other topics include such pioneering ones as UAV drug delivery in partnership with Pfizer Healthcare Hub Germany, updating on the status of drone technologies in healthcare delivery.

Several innovation challenges of our partners are also present in the agenda:


Agenda: Startup Discoveries

The hybrid format brings its challenges but also many advantages – one of them being the possibility to accommodate more startup pitching sessions than ever. At FH2020 we are hosting 10 virtual Startup Discoveries after having selected the best digital health startups (50 in total!) on the following topics:

The sessions will take place on the 13th of November at 6:30 pm CET. Stay tuned to learn more about the selected startups!

Apart from the sessions, the priority of Frontiers is also to ensure the fruitful networking among all the participants, no matter online or offline. All visitors will get access to the networking tool and a chance to reach any of 1000+ of expected experts from all parts of the world.

If you haven’t secured your pass for Frontiers Health 2020 yet, there is still time to do it here!