Advancing the Conference Experience: A Warm Welcome to the FH24 Steering Committee

Enhancing our renowned legacy, which has established our ecosystem as a key player in health innovation space, we proudly welcome an outstanding Steering Committee to lead Frontiers Health towards another unique edition in Berlin on October 17th-18th.

We are delighted to confirm as members of our Steering Committee: Eugene Borukhovich, Co-Founder & COO, YourCoach.Health; Megan Coder, VP, Product & Policy, Digital Medicine Society; Jessica DaMassa, Executive Producer & Host, WTF Health; Fredrik Debong, Cofounder and CPO,; Tony Estrella, Managing Director, Taliossa; Monique Levy, Chief Business Officer, Woebot Health; Min-Sung Sean Kim, Industry Advisor, Carlsquare; Marc Sluijs, Managing Partner,; and Paul Tunnah, Chief Content Officer & Managing Director, Healthware Group.

Additionally, we are thrilled welcome our friend Nana Bit-Avragim, Mentor at EIT Health, bringing her vast knowledge of the health innovation industry to such an esteemed pool of like-minded experts.

Roberto Ascione, President, Health Innovation of EVERSANA, will continue to lead the Steering Committee and serve as Conference Chairman.

The Steering Committee consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds, collaborating to develop an outstanding conference program. They are focused on selecting top-tier speakers and thoroughly exploring strategic themes to inspire and inform our global audience about current trends and prospects in healthcare innovation.

As we warmly welcome the Steering Committee, Frontiers Health renews its commitment to contributing to future of health by sharing unique content, enabling even more networking opportunities, and facilitating strategic partnerships.

Learn from our Steering Committee what Frontiers Health represents to them

Roberto Ascione

Frontiers Health represents an exceptional platform to explore the frontiers of innovation and digital transformation together with all players in the ecosystem, working towards a world where the combination of cutting-edge technologies and innovative healthcare practices converge to redefine the boundaries of what is possible. The word ‘frontiers’ echoes as a reminder, urging us to push the boundaries and shape a path towards a future where everyone has access to the full spectrum of innovative and transformative health solutions.


Nana Bit-Avragim

Like a fine wine, an old friendship becomes better and more valuable with time. My journey with the amazing team behind Frontiers Health began in 2016, and it continues to feel like a picturesque journey along the Amalfi coast: beautiful, stimulating, and constantly building a new level of quality. So, if you ask what the Frontiers Health conference means to me, it’s essentially an unforgettable experience of a meaningful networking atmosphere, enriched with insightful and up-to-date content that ultimately leads to the creation of valuable and fulfilling relationships.


Eugene Borukhovich

For me, Frontiers Health isn’t just a conference; it’s a vibrant confluence of minds and hearts where innovation meets impact. Each year, I am drawn back by the unparalleled energy and the unique blend of perspectives from startups to giants in health& care. It’s this diversity that fosters not just conversations but actionable insights, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in health. Frontiers Health is special because it’s where the future of health is not just imagined but actively shaped, together with amazing people from around the world.


Jessica DaMassa

When it comes to hearing about the day-to-day challenges and opportunities inherent in the work to infuse technology into healthcare across Europe – straight from the startups, investors, policy makers and incumbent innovators doing it – there is no better venue than Frontiers Health.


Tony Estrella

Every fall, some of the most impactful and innovative business leaders in health gather for another Frontiers Health experience in Europe. And beyond the exchange of ideas, business development opportunities, and creating new business connections which comes from interacting with each other, Frontiers Health also brings inspiration on the future direction for our industry. A future where technology innovation, new operating models, and a focus on humanity create better businesses, improved outcomes, and elevating the social impact of our combined efforts.


Paul Tunnah

Frontiers Health provides a unique space to take a pause from the busyness of day-to-day business and understand the innovation that will transform healthcare in the coming years, plus have the opportunity to meet the key companies and people driving this change.