Check out the interview with Ralf Jahns, Research2guidance

How do you introduce your company? What is your elevator pitch?

Research2guidance is an analyst and consultancy company that is 100% dedicated to digital health. We are based in Berlin and work globally.

Apps and digital health companies: is an app a must?

Yes, for the vast majority of use cases it is. Apps have been the main growth driver of the market for digital health solutions and services. Apps are the link between patients and digital health companies, and in the future to HCPs too.

Can smaller players have any chance vs the behemoths of Apple, Google?

Sure, We have not seen the new Facebook in digital health yet.

What do you see as digital healthcare’s biggest challenges, looking into 2019?

Developing monetisation strategies and business models that meet the expectations of investors remain the number one challenge in 2019.


What will be achieved in 2019?

This differs from region to region. For Europe, we’ll see that telehealth services might have their breakthrough. In Asia, we will see the first digital health company reaching more than 1 million active users. In the US, we’ll see a broad range of companies making more than 20 million US dollars with digital health services.

In the tech sector we are talking a lot about AI. What is your take on its role in healthcare?

AI will be used in all parts of the value chain. Quality will improve with the increase of patient-generated data. Currently most implementations have limited impact and quality. AI needs to operate for a few more years to fully show its potential.

The interview has been originally published on the special issue of CoFounder