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Frontiers Health emerged over the last years as one of the premier global events on digital health and innovation in healthcare. In the last five years, the conference has turned into a unique platform for deal making, networking and learning in the industry and has been repeatedly defined as “home to the digital health ecosystem”, gathering thousands of innovators, leaders and key players from the health industry each year in Berlin and in other locations across the world.

November 12-13, 2020

#FH20 will be a global hybrid event (both virtual and physical) visible remotely and in presence in several locations, thanks to local hubs.

Topics covered:
Digital therapies, Breakthrough technologies, Patient-centricity, Scientific and clinical validation, investments and ecosystem development, Business models and reimbursement, Strategic partnerships, Healthcare digital transformation, Funding. M&A, path to value, Health insurance innovation


Palazzo Innovazione | Salerno
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