douwe jippes

Douwe Jippes

Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Healthy.Capital

Douwe Jippes is a driving force in the world of healthcare innovation. As the co-founder and managing partner of Healthy.Capital, securing EUR 36 million in funding to invest in Digital Health startups. With over six years of dedicated experience in investing and a portfolio of 12 ventures, Douwe specializes in identifying and nurturing growth companies that harness cutting-edge technologies and innovations within the health and care sector. His commitment to improving the industry shines through in his focus on supporting digital health enterprises that prioritize patient and consumer-centric solutions.

Douwe's expertise extends across multiple domains, including reimbursement, product management, new business development, marketing, and strategic planning. His understanding of the ever-evolving digital health landscape allows him to stay at the forefront of industry trends and developments.

Douwe co-founded the Dutch Health Leaders Foundation, a dynamic platform fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration among healthcare professionals and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. His involvement in numerous successful digital health initiatives further underscores his dedication to catalyzing positive change.