From the past to the present to beyond – Frontiers Health hits Rome for an exceptional 2023 edition

As passionate health innovators, we at Frontiers Health are always on the lookout for new places to explore and get inspired by the latest advances in healthcare technology, expertise, and best practices from around the globe. 

Our journey began in Berlin in 2016, where we first established our conference experience centered around the vibrant energy of Germany’s Digital Health Hub, which we continued until 2019. Then, in response to the COVID19 pandemic’s new requirements in 2020, we hosted our inaugural hybrid event that combined online global streaming with offline events and activities held at Local Hubs in multiple locations such as Italy, Germany, Finland, Malta, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA.  

In 2021, with a collective desire to reconnect our entire community in one space, we convened in the forward-looking city of Milan for a hybrid event that featured in-depth discussions on the latest health innovations with online access. In 2022, we took our conference to new heights, hosting +850 in-person delegates, as well as hundreds remotely connected, while still enjoying the restless and ever-changing backdrop of Milan.  

We are excited to announce that our next stop is Rome, where we will gather health innovators for this year’s edition of Frontiers Health Global Conference, on November 8-9. 

A city of many faces, Rome never fails to enchant. With its colors and its unique vibe, every sight is breathtaking, and the magic of the city makes any day special. From a historical and architectural point of view, it is unrivalled, boasting the lasting influences of various civilizations, spanning across millenniums. With so many styles in one city, every corner is a gateway to a new place, beyond your imagination. 

Praised by renowned publications like Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, the New York Times and CNBC, it has cemented its status as a top global destination for travelers year after year. Yet, the city has an unwavering commitment to the future, and is boldly pushing forward to meet the needs of modern visitors, ushering in a new era of experiences and services. 

From a business standpoint, Rome is also deeply rooted in an innovative spirit which is reflected in its industrial climate, and plethora of healthcare stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. It is also home to collaborative research initiatives that encourage cross-functional partnerships among accelerators, hospitals, academia and institutions in the health space, aimed at supporting the next generation of proven health solutions.  

From ancient concepts that have latest millennia to the energizing contemporary scenario, we’re certain you’ll find inspiration to make the most of our event, surrounded by the beauty and innovations that will make your stay truly memorable.  

Dive deep into Rome’s ever-lasting fascination, and, in true Frontiers Health spirit, be prepared to discover its unexpected gems!   

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