Foundational Pillars

A frontier is a border between what is known and unknown. At Frontiers Health we look for those that are pushing the boundaries. Gathering the change-makers within large organizations and the entrepreneurs building new ones – all of which are moving the healthcare ecosystem into the future with new and novel solutions. Our content strategy embodies this ethos.

Frontiers Health content is built upon a foundation of four key strategic pillars. Every keynote, fire side chat, panel or deep dive we bring to our audience each year ladders up to at least one or more of these areas.

Cutting edge technologies are critical to the transformation of the entire healthcare landscape. Artificial intelligence is one of the most recent – and impactful – accelerants. AI is helping to unlock previously inaccessible insights from data in R&D, wearable devices, remote diagnostics and virtual care bringing personalized solutions to people wherever they need it.                From pioneering new technologies to validating innovative concepts to fostering discourse on emerging fields like quantum computing or brain computer interfaces, we are dedicated to empowering the visionaries who are propelling our industry into the next era.

As digital innovation and new therapeutic modalities begin to show promise, we’re seeing a new focus on value creation from investors, healthcare systems, and patients. The days of “growth at all costs” are over. Any new solution must deliver on its promises to address unmet needs for patients and HCPs – while also achieving meaningful revenue and profitability for investors and shareholders to keep thriving and ensure broader access. At Frontiers Health, we bring to the forefront innovations that are setting a higher standard for value across the board within healthcare systems around the globe, sharing those learnings to the global audience is our mission to help enable a sustainable future for healthcare.

We know that the best inventions happen because someone (patient, doctor, mom) sees a gap in the market and sets out to fill it. Patients and HCPs play crucial roles as designers of healthcare solutions that solve the biggest challenges. It’s up to the wider ecosystem of investors, life sciences companies, healthcare systems, payers and policy leaders to help scale their concepts and reach the individuals who need them most.            At Frontiers Health we help shine a light on the most promising solutions to facilitate the widespread systemic adoption of them to improve health outcomes globally.

Unless innovative therapies and modalities are accessible to all who need them, the job of the health innovator is not done. It’s one thing to design an effective solution, it’s another to get them into the hands of the right patients. We know that achieving health equity will require a commitment from public and private institutions working together. This means successful collaborations between policymakers, NGOs, industry, community leaders, HCPs, regulators, payers and more. Our mission is to bring these essential parties together to help chart a path toward a more equitable, person-centric future in healthcare. ​


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