+850 Health Innovators reunited in Milan, Italy, to shape the future of health at Frontiers Health Global Conference 2022

Conference Chairman, Roberto Ascione: “We have started to see the beginning of a phase 2 of sorts in digital health”

  • • +150 speakers, +850 industry experts, +130 start-ups and +80 investors from over 35 countries met in Milan for a two-day event focused on digital health and innovation in healthcare.
  • • Presentations, insights and discussions revolved around six overarching themes: digital therapeutics, digital care delivery & telehealth, digital transformation in life-sciences, cross-industry innovations, digital public health, funding, scaling and business models.
  • • The conference was multiformat and interdisciplinary with inspirational talks, roundtables, interactive workshops, masterclasses, pitching events and one-on-one meetings between innovative companies and potential partners.

Milan, October 25th, 2022 – After the success of the 2021 edition, Frontiers Health 2022 was hosted again in the city of Milan, Italy, on October 20th and 21st at the impressive location of Palazzo del Ghiaccio & Frigoriferi Milanesi.

The conference celebrated its seventh edition, being recognized as one of the leading international events on health innovation, with a strong focus on topics such as digital transformation, innovative technologies, digital therapies, investments, and ecosystem development.

Digital Health is progressing at a great pace. Conference Chairman Roberto Ascione, CEO of the event co-host Healthware Group, shared some insights just after the event:

I believe at Frontiers Health 2022 we have started to see the beginning of a phase 2 of sorts in digital health. The financial pressure will drive more selection and foster a healthy consolidation, while funding won’t lack for strong Teams and projects at the early stage. Digital Therapeutics is maturing thanks to increasingly more robust evidence and more progressive regulatory frameworks together with telehealth which is set to move the cure where people are more and more as healthcare system integration will grow. Furthermore, we have started to strategize on at-scale adoption as the main avenue to provide access to patients, hence driving the true impact and human-sized value of digital health.

The event gathered +850 in-person delegates from life science companies, innovation hubs, investment funds, insurance companies, start-ups, and industry professionals, strengthening its well-recognized role as a unique platform to discuss how innovations in different fields are converging and radically transforming the health and care experience.

The program was curated by Conference Chairman, Roberto Ascione, in collaboration with the Steering Committee and the team at the Healthware Group, the Global Co-Host & Main Partner of the Conference.

To ensure the most relevant and engaging experience, the Steering Committee identified and selected the factors set to disrupt the industry as the following guiding themes of the conference:

  •  digital therapeutics;
  • digital care delivery and telehealth;
  • digital transformation in life-sciences;
  • funding, scaling and business models;
  •  cross-industry innovations;
  •  digital public health.

Each session and all the content surrounding the event was inspired and shaped by one or more of these themes, with the goal to activate every attendee as they return back to their communities after the conclusion of the conference.

Over the two days, attendees, both in-person and remote, were engaged in plenary sessions and parallel activities, experiencing different formats, such as workshops, debates, and highly immersive demo sessions, all coordinated by a large line-up of globally renowned speakers, representing the multifaceted health ecosystem.

All delegates had the opportunity to experience a VR demo in chronic pain and meet the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) team in a dedicated lounge area.

A new track, Frontiers Health Science, explored the frontiers of biomedical science and medicine, with insights from Italian and international experts on cutting-edge research with a significant impact on understanding, diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases.

A great emphasis was given to new digital solutions implemented by promising start-ups that presented themselves to the industry’s most active investment funds and corporate players, making for ample opportunities to explore new collaborations.

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