What future for pharma in a digital world?

I joined 600 digital health innovators and experts at the first day of the Frontiers Health conference in Berlin’s historic Funkhaus radio station complex.

As part of the Frontiers agenda I was invited to run a live (and now on-demand) video roundtable with Oliver Stohlmann from Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer’s John Gordon, Sammeli Liikkanen from Orion Corporation and AstraZeneca’s Roeland van der Heiden.

These heads of innovation, communication and digital strategy formed an expert panel to explore how digital is impacting pharma, covering both the digital customer/consumer and the digitalisation of the product.

‘Digital’ is, of course, very broad in healthcare and can be applied in communications, new ways of diagnosing, patient engagement, technological interventions and many more areas. We started out looking at the way that pharma uses digital to communicate.

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