Novartis’ BIOME innovation challenge: call for applications

Novartis is taking on some of the biggest healthcare challenges – something they can’t and don’t want to do on our own. The company is committed to partner with the best digital health startups and scaleups in the ecosystem to combine their deep scientific experience with the expertise of the tech world to develop and scale digital solutions that improve and extend patients’ lives.  Discover more following this link

The Call for Applications

With the digital care act of 2020 Germany pathed the way for the reimbursement of Digital Health Solutions (aka DiGA). The act does not only cover DTx to directly improve the health of patients but also a wide range of tools to improve the patient journey.

The Novartis BIOME is looking for solutions to improve adherence in the areas of hypercholesterolemia and breast cancer. As the pitch event will be held virtual, suggestions from all over the world are welcome.

Solutions should tackle one of the following challenges:

  1. How can we support patients suffering from hypercholesterolemia in managing their treatment regime?
  • Uncontrolled hypercholesterolemia is strongly correlated with cardiovascular events such as myocardial infarction and stroke. Consequently high quality treatment is key to consequently lower LDL-cholesterol and thus to reduce the CV risk for patients affected. Optimal lipid-lowering treatment often means the daily intake of up to 3 active components. In general, these pills come on top of daily blood-pressure-lowering and diabetes medications, resulting in an extremely high pill burden for patients. Furthermore lifestyle modifications are also elements of a comprehensive therapeutic regime.
  • The Novartis BIOME is looking for solutions that support patients in achieving adherence regarding medicinal and non-medicinal aspects of their treatment.
  1. How can we support (young) women suffering from breast cancer staying adherent? 
  • Advances in research and therapy have created significant improvements in treating early stage breast cancer in recent years. In an optimal therapeutic regime pharmaceutical treatment is accompanied with side-effect management and lifestyle modifications in the areas of nutrition, movement, and mindfulness. Very often family plays a crucial role in achieving these goals.
  • The Novartis BIOME is looking for solutions that support patients in achieving adherence regarding medicinal and non-medicinal aspects of their treatment.

What’s in there for selected companies?

Successful applicants will work together with Novartis team on the DiGA-readiness and get:

  • Participants selected for pitching: Exposure at the Frontiers Health Global Conference 2021 and to members of the senior management of Novartis
  • Winner of the pitch: Depending on the specific needs of the selected company, a range of workshops/packages may be offered.

Examples of the packages:

  • Introduction to the German reimbursement system for digital health solutions (aka DiGA)
  • Assessment by Novartis experts on whether evidence is sufficient to achieve reimbursement in Germany
  • Workshop on pricing negotiations
  • Regulatory assessment of medical device
  • Option to approach German regulators to receive their feedback on DiGA-potential of product with support of Novartis experts

All workshops will be organized by experienced Novartis colleagues including seniors with more than 10 years of experience in Market Access in Germany.

Selection Criteria

  • Product is a certified medical device class 1 or 2a (Europe) or planned to be certified within the next 12 months.
  • Evidence generation strategy/planning in place
  • and willingness to share detailed information with Novartis under confidentiality framework
  • Commitment invest time to work with our team
  • Commitment to invest time necessary

Apply now!

Whether your solution fits one of the challenges and you’re willing to push your business further by joining forces with a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, then apply to pitch your idea to Novartis team.

Apply HERE no later than November 1st!


About Novartis and the Novartis BIOME

 Novartis is committed to go big on data and digital. Combining the power of external innovation with industry experience, Novartis goal is to support patients, healthcare professionals and caregivers for safer, more effective and efficient care. Furthermore, the company wants to tap the potential of data science and digital technologies to facilitate medical research and development.  Novartis Biome was created as a bridge to help Novartis partners become an extension of Novartis own teams, working with them as easily and productively as possible to jointly innovate and co-develop digital solutions at scale.

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