Digital transformation of go-to-market for the pharmaceutical industry [Panel]

As the pace of investment and interest in the digital transformation of healthcare continues, the major commercial players in this sector are re-evaluating every aspect of their business. This change is seeing a shift in the way large companies operate that goes much further than multichannel / omnichannel marketing and ‘beyond the pill’ approaches.

We are now seeing digital transformation permeate across every element of the go-to-market pathway, from accelerating product development in R&D, into more effective internal operations, through new sales and marketing models and onto new interventions and ‘around the pill’ approaches. Big data and the ability to optimise activities in real-time sits at the core of this, as the world of connected health unfolds.

During this session, Dr Paul Tunnah, CEO of pharmaphorum, will review the breadth of these changes with an expert panel. We will cover the current focus of activities, how these are transforming the major commercial players, lessons they have learned and the likely future trajectory.