Intouch Talks AI at Frontiers Health Conference

Frontiers Health draws experts from across the healthcare space to share insights on the latest in digital disruption and technology. For the third annual conference, 45 sessions are planned and will cover everything from digital health for the developing world to patient centricity to blockchain to mindfulness in healthcare to Intouch’s own presentation on improving healthcare outcomes by using artificial intelligence.

This year, in addition to partnering to support the two-day conference, Ariel Salmang, managing director of Intouch International, and Abidur Rahman, senior director, innovation and new technology development at Intouch Solutions, will co-present the session, “Siri Will See You Now.” – Leveraging the Power of AI for Better Outcomes in Healthcare and Life Sciences Using Cognitive Core [Deep-Dive].

From AI-enabling “virtual biopsies” to AI-powered electronic health record systems that let healthcare providers focus more on patients, artificial intelligence is making significant contributions in the healthcare space. Intouch’s presentation, based on our own Cognitive Core engine – the first dedicated healthcare AI – will provide an overview of challenges and opportunities, and a hands-on brainstorming session to explore the wide range of possible applications of AI for:

  • clinical care,
  • in-home support,
  • promotional activities,
  • deep customer engagement.

Participants will also have the opportunity to look “behind the curtain” and explore analytics from a live deployment of Intouch’s virtual assistant, Ruby.

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