Interview with Manish Marotkar

Interview with Manish Marotkar

What is your elevator speech?

  • We innovate by taking a holistic view of the care pathway, from prevention to diagnostics, therapy, and aftercare;
  • We do that together with our customers – today, 90% of the world’s top 100 healthcare providers already partner with us;
  • The transformation to Value-Based Healthcare can only be achieved with the commitment of all healthcare stakeholders;
  • Digitalizing Healthcare Needs Joint Forces, to be successful, we must further build value-creating partnerships between healthcare providers and the medtech industry.

What will be your key messages for the audience?

Value will be at the heart of care delivery. There is no turning back from this trend. To get there, healthcare providers worldwide must also face an increasing demand for services from aging and growing populations, the burden of chronic diseases, and the shortage of qualified medical staff, just to cite a few challenges. To be successful in the transformation of healthcare, it is imperative to deliver more and better care – with fewer resources. That is why, on the way forward, I am convinced that there are four levers every healthcare provider needs to master in order to successfully transform care delivery:

  • Improve access to care;
  • Increase workforce productivity;
  • Optimize clinical operations;
  • Manage Population Health.

Manish Marotkar, Siemens Healthineers, interviewed at Frontiers Health 2018 from Frontiers Health on Vimeo.

What do you see as digital healthcare’s biggest challenges looking into 2019?

  • Incentives are not aligned and needs policy reforms to support the transformation;
  • Lack of collaboration across different stakeholders along the value chain;
  • New Business Model;
  • Shift towards value based care;
  • Lack of unified data standards.

What of those can be achieved / managed in 2019?

– Collaboration across different stakeholders along the value chain
– New Business Model – Shift towards value based care

In the tech sector we are talking a lot about AI – what is your take on its role in healthcare?

We are committed to advance DigitalHealth and see AI as the biggest levers towards sustainable and affordable healthcare.  We must put Big Data to work, close information gaps and break down silos in CareDelivery. AI  is the key to augment human intelligence. We continue to build significant competency and technology in Healthcare Artificial Intelligence

  1. IP Position: 600+ patents and patent applications in machine learning; 100 in deep learning, More than 40 AI‐enriched offerings on the market
  2. Data: 300,000,000 Curated images, reports, operational data ; Touching 240,000 patients every hour
  3. Data and analytics framework: enables fast AI app development
  4. Computing Power: Regional supercomputing