How digital business models impact the value chain of health insurers

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Health insurance companies have started to make use of digital technologies to reinvent the way they interact with their members and health care providers. Mobile and web apps, online portals, connected devices, sensors, and AI-based technologies even help to expand the value chain of a payor organization into health care delivery. Innovation is mainly driven by insure-tech companies raising hundreds of millions of investment money. Established health insurers must know new insure-tech digital business models to understand their impact on both value chain and market position.

Over the last couple of years, insure-tech companies have started to focus on the health insurance business. Solutions like Oscar and Clover Health are prominent examples of how those companies innovated the way health insurance services are sold and delivered to their members. Other insure-tech organizations, especially the ones operating in Asia, have followed this trend and developed their health insurance service offerings around a set of new digitally enabled business models that promise to change health insurance industry, similar to what is already happening in the financial market.

These new digital business models are investigated in Research2Guidance’s recently published report The 10 Disruptive Digital Business Models for Health Insurers. The report details ten most promising digital business models for payer organizations worldwide.

It is critical for health insurance market players to be aware of the developments and changes occurring in the market due to the integration of the digital component. New solutions developed by health insure-tech companies attack all parts of the health insurance industry value chain, such as product placement, member acquisition and member management, even expanding it into the dimension of health care delivery.

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