#FH18 Fast Track Italy: event field report

More than 40 speakers, more than 300 participants for Frontiers Health’s Fast Track Italia.

The event, the Italian preview of the global conference to be held in Berlin on 15 and 16 November 2018, presented the main themes of digital health and the opportunities for development of the Italian ecosystem of innovation in the vibrant location of Superstudio (MI).

The agenda was packed with reflections, meetings and conversations:


Reflections from “The Future of Health

People are at the heart of health innovation. Digital makes health more human.

Roberto Ascione’s talk touched on themes from his book recently published by Hoepli, such as how technology will help to make medicine more human. He also focused on the needs to be addressed in the field of digital health, so as to work for change in patients, doctors and all of us.

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Digital Health Transformation & Industry Convergence

Health and innovation experts had a stage panel discussion on the strategies and business models determined by the convergence of the various industries, pharmaceuticals, insurance, medical devices and healthcare. The main actors of the Italian ecosystem, Roberto Ascione, Healthware; Michele Avoni, Sanofi; Simonetta Balbi, Boston Scientific; Simone Macelloni, BNP Paribas Cardif; Gianluigi Redolfini, Philips; Victor Savevski, Humanitas, discussed these issues, chaired by Federico Luperi, Adnkronos.

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Start-up Discovery

The aim of the session was to understand the value proposition of innovative start-ups in the field of Digital Health. – moderated by Giovanni De Caro.
The following startups presented their value proposition and approach to market: – Allelica, Boca Health, Paginemediche, Physio, Gipo and KronosDNA.
The most important Italian investors and industry experts were represented on the panel to contribute their thoughts and questions: Antonella Beltrame, Indaco; Alessio Beverina, Panakes; Gianluca Dettori, Primo Miglio; Andrea Di Camillo, P101 Ventures; Antonio Falcone, Principia; Dario Giudici, Siamo Soci; Massimiliano Magrini, United Ventures; Cesare Maifredi, 360 CP; Aurelio Mezzotero, Italian Angels for Growth; Stefano Molino, Innogest; Mauro Odorico, Vertis; Alessandro Rancitelli, Bayer G4A; Stefano Zagnoni, Janssen.

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The Dawn of Digital Therapies and Platform Business

A session dedicated to one of the most innovative fields of digital health, Digital Therapies, or how software can become a form of cure thanks to the collaboration between companies, startups and medical research. Giangiacomo Rocco Di Torrepadula and Attilia Naoni then unveiled the dynamics of Amicomed, one of the first startups to achieve complete scientific validation.

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Introduction to Cognitive Core

Gerry Chillé, Healthware Labs, and Ariel Salmang, Intouch International, introduced the theme of Cognitive Core, applied to healthcare marketing and Internet of Things, surprising the audience by interacting with Alexa, the AI of Amazon Echo.

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Training for radical change

Nicola Mattina, Innovator, and Stefano Vitta, Healthware Engage, took turns on the Frontiers Health stage to talk about the need for training to address the inevitable shift towards the digitization of health and to answer the question on how to create the training programs necessary for innovation and business transformation. Participants Cristina Cenci, Digital Narrative Medicine / Digital Health Academy, and Claudia Rutigliano, Fondazione MSD, addressed this question and other themes in a fireside chat full of ideas and reflections.

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The vision(s) of the Child Jesus Hospital on digital health

Alberto Tozzi, from Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome, Italy, told the audience how hospital facilities can support the change in the Italian health ecosystem.

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Digital Health Made in Italy

The main players of Italian Innovation – Luca Cinquepalmi, Enpam; Fabiana Magazzino, Bayer G4A; Attilio Mazzilli, Orrick; Marco Noseda, Cariplo Factory; Giovanni Rizzo, ZCube – Zambon Pharma; Gabriele Ronchini, Digital Magics; Alberto Tozzi, Bambino Gesù Hospital – in a conversational panel moderated by Roberto Ascione on the acceleration of the growth of our ecosystem.

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Digital Health Academy Experiential Workshop

Digital Health Academy was unveiled during the event. The academy represents a new offering dedicated to professional training in the field of digital health.
The experiential workshop allowed the participants to understand the different dimensions that make up the “digital I” of the individual and DHA has created a map that allows them to orient themselves in the development of the “right attitude” (mindset).