Announcing HealthXL at Frontiers Health

We are glad to announce our partnership with HealthXL

Frontiers Health’s ecosystem is expanding with a brand new partner joining us: HealthXL.

HealthXL is a platform providing data and stakeholder insight to evaluate potential opportunities within the healthcare technology landscape.

If making informed decisions about new health technologies is high on your priority list, then you will value the opportunity to meet delegates from HealthXL in Berlin at FH Conference!

About HealthXL

HealthXL is a data-driven global digital health collaboration platform, bringing together the people, thinking and technology needed to drive innovation to address complex healthcare challenges.┬áHealthXL hosts up to four Global Gatherings a year with agendas curated to drive debates and nurture innovation on an international level. The events bring together the company’s extensive member base, which includes people with the ideas, resources and desire to contribute to the evolution of healthcare.

Discover more about HealthXL here